“Great prices, good service”-Shoespie Reviews

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If you like a particular brand of clothing on sale, I strongly suggest shopping at shoespie.com. I have had nothing but excellent experiences with them. For clothes I know about, they are one of my go-to sites. I have never had to return anything so far, so I can’t comment on that, but their prices and selection are excellent, and in my experience, items are shipped quickly. I highly recommend.

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“Shoes came quickly”-Shoespie Reviews

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I would read every review in sight before I made a purchase, but this place is legit. NO SCAM. I ordered a pair of puma suedes at a discounted price they came on time in good condition and I was so happy. I’ve recently had a bad experience with a purchase from Journeys online and I’d refer someone to this sight before Journeys.

I recently ordered four pairs of shoes from shoespie.com and they arrived as promised in just four business days in pristine condition. Our package was shipped correctly and neatly with the items we ordered online and there were no problems with any of the shoes at all. I highly recommend shoespie.com for great deals and selections of name brand shoes and other clothing items as well. We’ll definitely use shoespie.com again in the near future as we are very happy and satisfied customers. Thank you shoespie.com for everything!

Tip for consumers: Please read and review the return policy before deciding on returning orders and items from shoespie.com. Thank you!

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“Always get orders ASAP, never any problems”-Shoespie Reviews

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The best shopping website/app i‘ve used. great filters that help you find exactly what you need, great customer service, no hassle free returns. no silly monthly clubs to join.

I have never found SHOESPIE prices to be on the low side. For some things they may be. However, the fact that I can order 4 different shoes and send them all back for free is a great deal. I have terrible feet when it comes to shoes. With shoespie I have purchased 2 pairs of shoes, maybe 3, but that was after trying about 9 pairs. Free shipping in both directions made it well worth it.

“Great customer service”-Shoespie Reviews

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Shoespie has agents who speak to you on the phone, which is hard to find these days. They have a good variety of shoes, and sometimes at a discount. They have a good return policy, which I know first-hand. I feel very confident in ordering from them, and I highly recommend this company.

I haven’t used Shoespie lately but I can’t think of a better service when I’m shopping for shoes. Nowadays it is hard to get support and advice from clerks when you’re trying to buy the right pair of shoes, not so with Shoespie where you can chat on line or via email, besides they carry some of the best brands in the market.

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“They’re that good. Always engaging, funny”-Shoespie Reviews

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They’re that good. Always engaging, funny, and incredibly personable. Whatever they are paying at their call center isn’t enough. The stories are legendary and definitely recommend YouTube a view videos to see what I’m talking to. I imagine it’s a dream job, but recently bought a birthday present for my fiance and there was a bit of a mix up and they went above and beyond to correct it (while putting a smile on my face). 5 stars and loyal customer for life!


“So fast I couldn’t believe it”-Shoespie Reviews

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Awesome company. Love the notifications when my size is back in stock and love the return policy. I usually can’t shop for shoes in brick and mortar stores because my feet are so big. I love that I can try on the shoes and not have to worry about returning it within a week or some short amount of time.

“I will definitely continue to shop with shoespie!”-Shoespie Reviews

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I ordered a Roshe and my son wore it for one day and the sole was slightly ripped apart. I emailed shoespie and asked for a replacement one to be sent to me and they responded within 24 hours saying the replacement one is already on its way! Talk about a superior customer service! I will definitely continue to shop with shoespie!

“I’ve probably bought over 30 pairs of shoes from them”-Shoespie Reviews

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I ordered a pair of shoes for my wedding and received a box with ripped and taped up corners. The soles of the shoes were a little worn out, some of the jewels were missing, and there were other signs of wear. I called customer service and they sincerely apologized for the incident, promoted me to VIP which allowed me to get 1 day shipping, gave me a discount for my next purchase, and sent me a vase of flowers! It was very professional and touching of them to go so far to resolve the problem.

“Will continue to use indefinitely”-Shoespie Reviews

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Shoespie is the best company out there for shoes. They have every single designer that I look for and usually have every size that I need. The customer service professionals are just that professional. I have never had a bad experience with them it’s easy to order it’s easy to return and you get everything immediately. Top shelf across the board. For a true shoe enthusiastic this is the best site ever.

“I am buying shoes with them for almost 2 years now.”-Shoespie Reviews

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one of the best shopping sites Ive ever used, they’re filters make shopping so easy and the returns are no hassel.

I am buying shoes with them for almost 2 years now. I bought for my entire family already, and always got exactly what we wanted. All I can say is GREAT GREAT GREAT service !!!!!!! Sometimes it is unbelievable a company can do such a thing.