Shoespie Reviews-I ordered a pair of heels in pink for my new step daughter.

My shoespie reviews is just the following:I ordered a pair of Uggs in pink for my new step daughter. Was happily waiting to get them next week, but to my surprise you guys sent it next day air for FREE!! Great job and great service. Boots are beautiful and will always look to you guys first. Thanks .


I did a search for a pair of shoes. It listed a great price, and it was at shoespie. When I clicked on the link the price was not what I had seen at the search site. I emailed shoespie, told them about the difference. I can’t tell you how nice they were, except to say they honored the lower price and were more than helpful in placing my order. There policies are in the best interest of their customers and from my experience, they bend over backwards to please & help you. Their Customer Service Rocks! I will shop their first when I need any of the items they carry, especially shoes. Bonus, Free shipping both ways too!!!! shoespie reviews, is one great place to shop!!!!

Shoespie Reviews-Shoespie delivered the product on time.

Ordered my shoes for the cheapest price I could find online after reading shoespie reviews from shoespie. Shipped quickly and received them 5 days later.right price, right product, and right time= I will be ordering from them again!

As usual, shoespie delivered the product on time, with minimal packaging, and with no shipping charges or return. Plus, you always get a 1-day shipping upgrade!

People think I’m strange for only buying shoes online, but it’s so easy with shoespie reviews because they don’t charge to return shoes…just order the sizes you’re between and try both. It’s always a perfect experience shopping there.

Shoespie Reviews-More impressed with how quickly it shipped!

Shoes, shoespie reviews, and more shoes. i never thought i would buy shoes online. I’m a nordstrom kind of gal. but i was very impressed.especially with their selection. then after the order was placed i was even more impressed with how quickly it shipped! Amazing… same day! I don’t know why i didn’t do this earlier!






I’m getting my next pair of shoes from here. I think they’ve converted me! I want to be featured on the front page as top shoespie reviews. I’m half way there. 🙂 I don’t so as much online shopping, but i think i can drum out 8.
I absolutely love and always shop there for my kids shoes. I love it because they give me free shipping back and forth and the shoes are always perfect quality. I use them for 3 years now and will always use in the future.

Shoespie Reviews-My Shoespie Shopping Experience.

I’ve ordered from Shoespie about ten times now, and each time has been terrific. The layout of the site isn’t the greatest, but I can easily find what I’m looking for with a search and know the precise availability of a product.-Shoespie Reviews.



Shoespie Reviews-I’ve found the pricing to be a bit sporadic, sometimes you’ll get a decently priced item but a lot of the time you’re paying more than MSRP. I guess they have to cover their bases with all the free overnight shipping upgrades.

They claim to take back returns 365 days a year, but I haven’t tested them on that yet. I did however return a pair of shoes I had for six months just laying around in my closet (I was stubborn and wanted them to work). I wore them a couple times but ultimately ended up returning them. The return process was quite simple, you do it all online.

I’ll shop around a bit to compare prices, but if I need something the next day I would definitely order from shoespie.

Shoespie Reviews-I got home Tuesday at 4:10. UPS driver was at my door.

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On-line shopping doesn’t get any better than Shoespie. They have a great selection, great prices, free shipping and often they even upgrade your free shipping so your package arrives the NEXT DAY. Returns are easy. They are fantastic!

I think this is the upgrade for more money call. so I call shoespie ready to cancell the order.Can’t rember the mans name but he was realy nice. Said they check all big money orders just to be sure. I needed the gps by friday for install. now I have lost 1 day. Ask if I could upgrade shipping and was told they would ship it next day for free.I got home Tuesday at 4:10. UPS driver was at my door with my package in his hand.

“Fantastic merchant, okay prices”-Shoespie Reviews

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i’ve always loved SHOESPIE… their new collections is especially awesome. the service is very prompt and effective too… super recommended!

I’m not sure if I love or hate you SHOESPIE – you make buying shoes too easy. Love the site – tons of selection, but with all the right filters so its easy to find what you want. Love the service – free shipping? both ways? In two days or less? What’s not to love?
My wallet hates you, but man do my feet look good.

Veloci, compri oggi e ricevi in due tre giorni! Bravi e convenienti.

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“Wont buy any where else”-Shoespie Reviews

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i never buy shoes else where and now i just go there for al my fitness gear and a lot of other clothing items too. and they immediately with every order show their gratitude.

I always shop here. I submitted an order and they reacted almost instantly! I got my clothes in two days. Great company!

I’ve purchased several pairs of shoes from shoespie. They have loads of styles, with great descriptions, photos and information about their products. They also offer fantastic customer service, so when I’ve had to return shoes there’s never been a problem.

I can’t give them 5*’s tho, because their prices are usually normal retail prices. You’re not going to find the amazing deals you want. You will, however, find those amazing shoes you’re looking for!

“Great service, fast delivery, good prices.”-Shoespie Reviews

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I’m from Denmark, and they do not offer internatinal shipping, that sucks.- But the customer service was sooo nice, never experinced customer service like that. The “agent” told me that they didn’t offer internatinal shipping, but recommended some other sites, even though they are competing websites! AWESOME!
I love this company! I wish other online stores could handle questions, comments, concerns, returns and exchanges as well as they do. I never have to worry when I purchase items from this site. 🙂

“Really u r the best , go on”-Shoespie Reviews

Hi, where do you usually order shoes from online shops?














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Enormous range, great prices and fast delivery for when you need a pair of pretty boots urgently. I couldn’t ask for more from an online shop.

the most extensive line of online shoes for current fashion. Very recommended for those living the states. Not so recommended for Canadian shoppers: USA gets free shipping – Canada doesnt.

I have never been so impressed with a business. The customer service was awesome. I wish they sold everything because I would buy it all from them.

“Easy return, love this site”-Shoespie Reviews

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I have purchased 11 pairs of shoes from shoespie with a few months and I love each pair!
The product is great,the service is fantastic and the time frame is great.
Will surely continue to purchase from this site for years to come!

Ordered a pair of boots that came within 2 days of placing the order, unfortunately the zipper had a defect so I had to return them. Called costumer service Monday, very nice lady, and the sent me a free shipping label. However I wouldn’t had been able to track it so paid $12 for shipping just to have peace of mind. Boots were mailed backTuesday, by Thursday I got a confirmation they had been returned and by Friday the refund showed up on my bank statement. I was concerned about the returning process based on reading other reviews and got positively surprised about how smooth they handled it. I would order from them again and return if I had to.