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With Black Friday and Cyber Monday being right around the corner, shoespie is well prepared for this year’s storm. Shoespie prepares all kinds of shoes for customers and gives customers a lot of discounts this time. We offer 10%, 12% and 15% discount, with the price ranging from 0 to 69$, 69$to 169$ and over 169$. Besides there is a special gift for customers, everyone can enjoy 30% off coupon for all items in Black Friday. Also we select top 50 hottest items for customers, trying to improve customers’ shopping experience. We are all prepared for this big shopping feast, Are you ready for it?

Shoespie Shipping Cost Reviews

When shopping online, we care not only about the price of product, but also the postage. So this article will give customers guidance about postage policy and let them know the influence factors which causes different shipping costs.

Shoespie offers preferential policy: Order Value Ranging from $59.00-139.00, 30% off of the Postage.Order Value over $139.00(included), 50% off of the Postage.

If not, you must pay your shipping cost in full. The shipping costs are different according to the following factors:

The location we are shipping from (city, state, country or  region)

The location the package is shipped to (also called the  destination country or region)

If you want to preview your shipping cost, you can login our online shopping system. Click on the “Estimated Shipping Cost” and choose the shipping destination, your shipping cost will be estimated automatically.

In these two conditions, you should pay for the extra  shipping fees. However, the costs may differ according to the following factors:

The location we are shipping from (city, state, country or  region)

The  location the package is shipped to (also called the destination country or  region)

Weight and dimensions of package



Dramatic Scoop Neck Homecoming Dress-Shoespie Reviews

Hi, girls! Do you love this beautiful homecoming dress shared by shoespie reviews when surfing on other website? I think most of you will love this one, no matter for its color or style.


I love this homecoming dress so much and I think it’s just like a prince’s dress. Really very lovely and beautiful. Maybe some shoespie reviews deserves to be read.

” In my many and varied experience, I have found that Shoespie is the ultimate online shopping experience. Their website interface is clean, searching for items is easy, the prices are reasonable, delivery is in two days, and their return policy is ridiculously kind. On top of that, you pick up the phone and call them, and real human beings answer the phone willing and eager to solve your issue. “

Amazing Low Heel Sandals-Shoespie Reviews

This low heel sandals is from shoespie reviews and so many girls love this one. Do you want to have a look and find more details? Now, let’s start


How do you think about this sandals? Let’s know more details via shoespie reviews:

long time shopper
I have always loved this site and have bought many things over the years. Prices are competitive and free shipping/returns so convenient than looking store to store shopping. Also customer service is great. I bought something didn’t get when expected and ended up getting two free things out of it. Will continue to use this as go to place before going to mall.

Do You Love This Day Dress?-Shoespie Reviews

This is a very beautiful day dress chosen by shoespie reviews, and which is specially showed to our dear customers on Shoespie. Hope you’ll enjoy.


How do you think about this elegant dress? Do you also love its color? Maybe we’d read some shoespie reviews together here.

“I am captivated with the open toe which offers my feet a space to breathe in. I love the subtle ankle strap which creates the pump very convenient to carry and gives a great shape to it. It is eventual.”

“The pumps are very beautiful and fashionable. It gives me a complete new look and a nice fashion statement. It is a perfect fit to me and suits my personality very well. I love the detailing done on the pump.”

“The shipping done by the company was prompt and I received the classy color the way I expected. The stiletto heel is very comfortable to wear with the high quality material used in it which makes the pump eye catchy.”

Elegant High Heels-Shoespie Reviews

Hello, everyone! How do you think about this high heels from shoespie? Do you love it? It’s from shoespie and shared by shoespie reviews. Let’s firstly look at the picture below.
















Maybe you’d read some shoespie reviews here:

I was initially hesitant to order footwear online, due to concerns about fit, et cetera, but Shoespie’ return policies reassured me. I’ve thus far ordered about 5 pairs of shoes and boots from Shoespie, and have been very pleased with all but one pair, which I returned easily and without any hassle at all. The boots I returned were “fine,” but I didn’t like the quality of the leather, which was the manufacturer’s defect, not Shoespie. Their prices are reasonable, the selection is great, shipping is super fast, and the sizing reviews helped quite a bit. I’ll definitely be buying more from Shoespie in the future.

“I recently ordered two boots from them”-Shoespie Reviews

Wow! You’re so lucky here because you can read the following two shoespie reviews from the customers who ordered items from shoespie. Let’s read them together.

Excellent Service!!

Ordered a $50.00 pair of flip-flops for my husband, and got them in like two days later. When they were a little too small (my bad) I called to ask for an exchange. They said they would email me a return label. For some reason the email wouldn’t come through; so the girl told me, “don’t worry about it, just give the flip-flops to someone you know, and we’ll send you the new pair free of charge.” We received the new flip-flops the very next day and were able to give the other pair to my brother. Both customer service reps I talked to were extremely kind and helpful. This company gets 5 stars! (Not to mention the quality flip-flops.) 🙂

4 (2)

Good in All

Priced higher then normal but this company more then makes up for it in ways that will knock your socks off!! Exceptional customer service via phone or email. They ship your merchandise to you within TWO delivery days (FREE for the customer) instead of the average 7-10 days.

I recently ordered two boots from them and chose Shoespie because I prefer offbeat brands which unfortunately causes them to sell out quickly. Once they start getting hard to find, fake business will pop in with much cheaper pricing for the same shoe. These scammers are engaging in bait and switch. They will never give you the shoes you ordered. This is probably why Shoespie is higher priced then other stores and end up still having some”hard to find” items in stock. Shoespie does not bait and switch and If they say they have it, they have it.

When the boots arrived they were fairly well packaged. Outside box protecting the inside box. I would have preferred a little stuffing in the outside box to help protect the merchandise in case it got knocked around. Nevertheless the boots were fine and packaged inside their boxes with lots and lots of packing, plus rolled up in soft cotton boot baggies to ensure no accidental scuffing.

I have no idea how this happened but I ordered the wrong size. They were on top if it right away offering multiple ways for me to return it, postage free for a full credit to my card. I immediately bought the right size and had those at my doorstep before I had gotten around to returning the other pair. These folks are really on top of things and the shoes are all delightful!

Really wonderful shoespie reviews for reading! I got so much information on Shoespie with just a few minutes. I love shoespie, and u?


“I have found that Shoespie is so excellent!”-Shoespie Reviews

Love to know some latest information on Shoespie? Just read some shoespie reviews the following and know more details on Shoespie.

Absolutely hands down the single best online retailer

In my many and varied experience, I have found that Shoespie is the ultimate online shopping experience. Their website interface is clean, searching for items is easy, the prices are reasonable, delivery is in two days, and their return policy is ridiculously kind. On top of that, you pick up the phone and call them, and real human beings answer the phone willing and eager to solve your issue.

Impeccable Customer Service

Purchased some shoes with a $25 coupon and returned two pairs but the discount wasn’t reapplied to the remaining shoes I kept. Customer service rep Jenna B. explained only gift cards are reapplied but kindly offered me another coupon to use toward the shoes I kept. I told her how appreciative I was being pregnant and my shoes not fitting. A week later I was pleasantly surprised by a gift box containing Shoespie branded baby items! I haven’t used Shoespie much but they’ve won me over with their impeccable customer service!

How do you think about these shoespie reviews? Or do you want to buy some of your shoes from shoespie?

Pearls Floral Wedding Headpiece Wedding Comb-Shoespie Reviews

Wow! This wedding hairstyle is so beautiful! As we all know that a beautiful and charming style in wedding is so necessary. Shoespie reviews would love to share this one with you, hope you’ll love it.


Love this one? Maybe you are willing to read some shoespie reviews to now more details on Shoespie.

Reasonable Price
Great Professional service, Very understanding with my needs, and the Price Reasonable. You Are Excellent.!!

I like this online store….as good as the name says….”
I got my Plain Cotton Midi Skirt finally. I love this black skirt so much! Black skirt is matched with white shirt, my favorite style.

Flowers Set Series Desktop Decoration-Shoespie Reviews

Do you want to find some home decorations? Today, shoespie reviews bring you one. It looks really very beautiful. Let’s see it.


How do you think about it? Maybe you’d read some shoespie reviews to know some information on Shoespie return policy, shipping methods and so on.

Awesome Collection of Shoes!
My friend John recommended me website for shoes shopping. The many designers on the site gave me plenty of styles to choose from. I placed my first order last month and was so pleased with the quality of the material and the workmanship of the garments. I loved them. I like the site because no one else will be wearing the shoes I am wearing and I like that feeling. What sold me was the high quality materials used and the workmanship. The prices are reasonable and I felt I got the quality that I paid for. Thank you