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I was initially hesitant to order footwear online, due to concerns about fit, et cetera, but Shoespie’ return policies reassured me. I’ve thus far ordered about 5 pairs of shoes and boots from Shoespie, and have been very pleased with all but one pair, which I returned easily and without any hassle at all. The boots I returned were “fine,” but I didn’t like the quality of the leather, which was the manufacturer’s defect, not Shoespie. Their prices are reasonable, the selection is great, shipping is super fast, and the sizing reviews helped quite a bit. I’ll definitely be buying more from Shoespie in the future.

“I recently ordered two boots from them”-Shoespie Reviews

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Excellent Service!!

Ordered a $50.00 pair of flip-flops for my husband, and got them in like two days later. When they were a little too small (my bad) I called to ask for an exchange. They said they would email me a return label. For some reason the email wouldn’t come through; so the girl told me, “don’t worry about it, just give the flip-flops to someone you know, and we’ll send you the new pair free of charge.” We received the new flip-flops the very next day and were able to give the other pair to my brother. Both customer service reps I talked to were extremely kind and helpful. This company gets 5 stars! (Not to mention the quality flip-flops.) 🙂

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Good in All

Priced higher then normal but this company more then makes up for it in ways that will knock your socks off!! Exceptional customer service via phone or email. They ship your merchandise to you within TWO delivery days (FREE for the customer) instead of the average 7-10 days.

I recently ordered two boots from them and chose Shoespie because I prefer offbeat brands which unfortunately causes them to sell out quickly. Once they start getting hard to find, fake business will pop in with much cheaper pricing for the same shoe. These scammers are engaging in bait and switch. They will never give you the shoes you ordered. This is probably why Shoespie is higher priced then other stores and end up still having some”hard to find” items in stock. Shoespie does not bait and switch and If they say they have it, they have it.

When the boots arrived they were fairly well packaged. Outside box protecting the inside box. I would have preferred a little stuffing in the outside box to help protect the merchandise in case it got knocked around. Nevertheless the boots were fine and packaged inside their boxes with lots and lots of packing, plus rolled up in soft cotton boot baggies to ensure no accidental scuffing.

I have no idea how this happened but I ordered the wrong size. They were on top if it right away offering multiple ways for me to return it, postage free for a full credit to my card. I immediately bought the right size and had those at my doorstep before I had gotten around to returning the other pair. These folks are really on top of things and the shoes are all delightful!

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The discounts and service was great!-shoespie reviews

Have you ever bought some shoes from shoespie? It is said that shoespie is a super online shoes shop. There are so many styles of shoes, such as stiletto heels, wedge heels, platform heels and so on. You can read some shoespie reviews to know more on it.

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The discounts and service was great! My boots got to my house at a good
pace, as well. You guys are awesome! It was my 1st time ordering , I would
tell anyone to order from shoespie.

Have been a member for years!
I love this site – I don’t always have the funds touse it like I would but
the items I have purchased are FAB! Shoes fit 99% of the time and the very few times I need to return – never had any issues! I have ordered purses from here as well and again – no problems and I always get compliments on both!

Great products and customer sevice
Since enrolling I’ve purchased over 10 pairs of shoes from Shoespie. they
are all surprisingly comfortable and for the ones that didn’t work their
excellent customer service helped in returning them for another pair.

Awesome selection,Great prices-Shoespie Reviews

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The looks great and they were delivered on time thank you shoespie.com.Great pictures on the site, the walking videos are always great when they exist, and easy returns. Easy returns makes all the difference.I love this website they have super fast shipping and great deals My refund is taking to long it has already been 2 weeks.

I just bought 2 of the HOTTEST pair of boots, and I LOVE them!!! My only critique is 2 pairs of boots I would love to buy are unavailable and never seem to be in stock in my size! Fast shipping and very easy returns. I will definitely buy from them again.

I think the shoes I ordered are “AWESOME” I love your variety of shoes, I have too jump on “em” when I can, size 9 goes really fast!!A bit too high but too beautiful to care about the pain ;

I found the service of shoespie.com to be excellent in all facets, from the ease of the website’s navigation to the order fulfillment and delivery. Thank you.So prompt, convenient, accurate, and as advertised. A joy to work with!

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Excellent service. Quick delivery-shoespie reviews

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I so love my boots! They came in n time and they are just what I expected!Excellent service. Quick delivery. I only returned the shoes because they didn’t fit.
Product (boots) were exactly as described and expected. They were delivered promptly. I would use shoespie.com again as well as recommend them! I love my shoes and love the packaging.

Delivery was exceptionally fast and free-Shoespie Reviews

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The item I purchased was a gift for my granddaughter. After receipt, I did decide that I should have ordered a larger size so I placed a second order right away to get the item in time to wrap as a birthday gift.

With the second pair coming, I then generated and printed an easy return label, also free shipping, and dropped off the return at the Post Office. Within four days I had a confirmation email that they were accepted and a credit issued. So easy.

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Leopard Print Bowtie Peep Toe Platform Heels-Shoespie Reviews

I know most of you love to be sexy, beautiful and stylish. Well, to be this, you’d not only have amazing clothes but also have sexy and stylish high heels. Here, shoespie reviews would love to show a really unique shoes with you.




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Not much experience but over all very good.
At this time I would choose SHOESPIE over other sites. They are very similar but it seems shoespie can handle multiple orders much not sufficiently.

Always a pleasure
Just about EVERYTHING I order I love. I only wish the items can be shipped faster.